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A unit of the University System of Georgia

Creating an Electronic Signature

  • Click ‘Electronic Signature’ box

  • If you have created a Digital Signature previously, you can select that signature from the ‘Sign As menu.  Otherwise, continue with the following directions to create a new signature.
  • Select ‘New ID…’ from the ‘Sign As’ menu
  • Select ‘A new digital ID I want to create now’ then click ‘Next’

  • Select ‘New PKCS#12 digital ID file’ then click ‘Next’

  • Input your information (Name, Organizational Unit, Organization Name, and Email Address). Click ‘Next.’

  • Type your desired password in the two ‘Password’ boxes and click ‘Finish.’

  • Once your Digital Signature has been created, you can sign the document by selecting your signature from the ‘Sign As’ menu, enter your password, and select ‘Sign.’

  • You will be prompted to save your signed document. This is the file that you will email to the next approver.