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Secondary Credential Programs

Gordon State College is offering a Bachelor of Science in Biology or Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in English or History.  Certification programs in these majors are offered for those students who wish to be high school teachers.  Students who wish to seek state teacher certification in these content areas should major in the appropriate area in order to attain a baccalaureate degree.  Additional classes leading to teacher certification are listed below and should begin as early as the student’s sophomore year of study. Students in the late sophomore or early junior year should fill out an application to the Division of Education for admittance into the Teacher Education Program.

Additional Course Requirements for Teacher Certification

BIOL 4800, MATH 4800, ENGL 4800, HIST 4800: Content-Specific Pedagogy
EDUC 3005:  Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
SPED 3105:  Exceptional Learner in the Secondary Classroom
LART 3006:  Reading in Content Areas
EDUC 3505: Secondary Practicum (fieldwork)
EDUC 4505: Secondary Internship (student teaching)

In addition, if EDUC 2110 (Educational Issues), EDUC 2120 (Diversity), and EDUC 2130 (Teaching and Learning) were not completed as part of the student’s Associate of Arts Degree, these courses must also be completed before acceptance into Secondary Education will be granted.

Admitted Candidates

Teacher candidates are required to complete a minimum of 900 hours of field experience in a variety of school settings/placements in order to meet program requirements for graduation set forth by the USG Board of Regents' Teacher Preparation Principles. All candidates must participate in clinical experiences to meet specific course requirements, and all candidates must complete the internship of student teaching, which is available only on a full-time basis. Therefore, candidates must be available for clinical experiences during the regular public school day.

Teacher candidates must maintain an overall G.P.A of 2.5 or better, must attain at least a C in all professional education courses, and must attain an average rating of “proficient” on all fieldwork assessments. Teacher candidates must adhere to Georgia Professional Standards Commission Policies on Ethics for Educators.

Teacher candidates must successfully complete all requirements for the appropriate Bachelor’s degree in addition to successfully completing the requirements for certification in order to be recommended for a secondary teaching credential.

Field Experience and Internship

School districts in this region serve as collaborative partners in providing access to programs, students, and mentor teachers.  Gordon State College Teacher Candidates must comply with the same policies and procedures of local boards of education that apply to their own full-time teaching faculty. This will also include a current criminal background check and fingerprinting. Additionally, candidates shall comply with codes of dress, conduct, punctuality and professionalism when they are present on school campuses. Field experiences will be planned to enable candidates to participate in a wide variety of activities with all appropriate grade levels, educational settings, diversity of students and staff. Gordon State College faculty and field experience supervisors will work with school faculty to plan and schedule these opportunities. Candidates will be responsible for arranging their own transportation for these in-school visits, which will usually be scheduled in the mornings during the semesters prior to the teaching internship.  Specific information regarding these tasks will be found in the Field Experience Handbook.  Evaluation of tasks assigned to teacher candidates will include those from collaborating school partners.

In the semester prior to graduation, candidates will complete full-time student teaching in their area of expertise.  However, no student teaching will be scheduled in a school district that the candidates may have attended or where they have relatives.

Teacher Certification

Gordon State College will recommend candidates for certification and final candidates must complete all application requirements for initial certification through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.  This includes passing scores on appropriate GACE content assessments.

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