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Middle Grades Education Tentative Schedule of Studies

Gordon State College’s program of study for the Bachelor of Science in Education, Middle Grades Education, leads to certification in grades 4-8 in the State of Georgia.  Freshmen and sophomore students must complete the core curriculum requirements (Elementary, Middle Grades, or Secondary Education) prior to admission as teacher candidates in their junior year.  This degree meets the requirements for highly qualified middle school teachers certified to work in Georgia by the Professional Standards Commission (PSC).  Note the upper level course requirements in content areas I & II.  Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Education program will choose two content areas of specialization in from the following;

Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Science, or Social Science

In response to the needs of the State of Georgia, all Gordon State College Middle School program majors must choose one of the following as concentration content for area l.  Mathematics, Reading, or Science.  Concentration content area II can be from any of the remaining concentration areas.  Candidates will perform field work in a 4th or 5th grade classroom for 150 hours and student-teaching will be for 600 hours in the 6-8 classroom in the concentration content area.

Course Requirements:

Degree Program Course Requirements for Certification in Middle Grades Education:

Upper Level Courses

Fall Semester Year One: 15 hours
EDUC 3005 Middle and Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment   3
LART 3006 Literature in the Content Areas 3
Content 1 Upper Division Content Area #1 3
Content Upper Division Content Area #2 3
Content Upper Division Content Area #3 3
Spring Semester Year One: 15 hours
SPED 3105 The Exceptional Learner in Middle and Secondary Schools 3
EDUC 3600 Introduction to Middle Grades Theory and Practice 3
EDUC 3610 Nature and Needs of the Adolescent Learner 3
LART 3030 Adolescent Literature 3
Content Upper Division Content Area #1 3
Fall Semester Year Two: 15 hours
EDUC 4600 Assessment in the Middle and Secondary Classrooms 3
EDUC 4800 Content Methods in Middle and Secondary Education 3
EDUC 3506 Seminar in Middle Grades Education 1
EDUC 3507 Seminar in Middle School Practicum I 2
Content Upper Divsion Content Area #1 3
Content Upper Division Content Area #2 3
Spring Semester Year Two: 12 hours
EDUC 4506 Middle School Student Teaching 11
EDUC 4507 Seminar in Middle School Student Teaching 1


Middle Grades Course Availability:

Course Fall Spring Summer Online
EDUC 2110 X X X X
EDUC 2120 X X X X
EDUC 2130 X X X X
EDUC 3005 X      
EDUC 3600 X      
EDUC 3610   X    
EDUC 4600 X      
EDUC 4800 X      
EDUC 3505 & 07   X    
EDUC 4506 & 07   X    
LART 3006 X      
LART 3030   X    
SPED 3150   X    

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