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Elementary/Special Education Tentative Schedule of Studies

Gordon State College's program of study for the Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education leads to certification in grades Pre-K – 5 for Elementary Special Education General Curriculum. Freshmen and sophomore students must complete the core curriculum requirements (Elementary, Middle Grades, Secondary Education) prior to admission as teacher candidates in their junior year. This degree meets the requirements for highly qualified elementary education teachers certified to work with both regular and special education students with mild disabilities. Note the upper-level course requirements include a summer semester for teacher candidates. Candidates participate as a cohort in all upper-level coursework, including field experiences and teaching internships to be arranged with area elementary school partners. Field Experiences I, II, and III involve a minimum of 100 hours of field work in assigned schools. The internship in Elementary and Special Education in the final semester involves a minimum of 600 hours of full-time student teaching. Graduates must also complete Georgia certification requirements including passing scores on appropriate GACE tests, and passing scores on edTPA.


Course Requirements

Degree Program Course Requirements for Certification in Elementary Special Education General Curriculum

Upper Level Courses

Fall Semester One 13 hours
MATH 3001 Topics in Algebra for Elementary Education 3
LART 3005 Introduction to Teaching of Reading 3
SPED 3100 Characteristics of Students with Mild Disabilities 3
EDUC 3003 Classroom Management 3
EDUC 3500 Professionalism: Field Experience I 1
Spring Semester Two 14 hours
MATH 3002 Geometry for Teachers 3
LART 3090 Literature for Children 3
SPED 4200 Educational Interventions for Students with Mild Disabilities 3
EDUC 3200 Educational Technology and Media 3
EDUC 3501 Professionalism: Field Experience II 2
Summer Semester Three 12 hours
EDUC 3000 Integrated and Applied Arts 3
EDUC 3002 Assessment in Elementary Education 3
EDUC 3300 Integrated Social Studies 3
EDUC 4200 Science in Elementary Education 3
Fall Semester Four 17 hours
MATH 3003 Data Analysis, Probability, and Connections 3
SPED 4000 Educational Assessment of Exceptional Children 3
EDUC 4001 Elementary Education Methods Materials 3
EDUC 3502 Professionalism: Field Experience III 2
LART 3006 Teaching Reading in Content Areas 3
LART 3007 Analysis & Correction of Reading Problems 3
Spring Semester Five 13 hours
EDUC 4204 Internship: Elementary Education 6
EDUC 4404 Internship: Special Education 6
EDUC 3090 Classroom Data Analysis 1
Upper-Level Program Required Hours 69 hours
Required Hours for the Core Curriculum 60 – 64 hours


Course Rotation Schedule

This two-year schedule shows a list of planned courses and as such is subject to change. At its sole discretion, the college may revise this schedule and any information contained herein, without advance notice. No contract, either expressly or implied, is created by this schedule.

Course Fall Spring Summer Online
EDUC 2110 X X X X
EDUC 2120 X X X X
EDUC 2130 X X X X
ISCI 2001 X X X  
ISCI 2002 X X X  
MATH 2008 X X X  
EDUC 3000     X  
EDUC 3002     X  
EDUC 3003 X      
EDUC 3200   X    
EDUC 3300     X  
EDUC 3500 X      
EDUC 3501   X    
EDUC 3502 X      
EDUC 3090   X    
EDUC 4001 X      
EDUC 4200     X  
EDUC 4204   X    
EDUC 4404   X    
EDUC 4800 X X    
LART 3005 X      
LART 3006 X      
LART 3007 X      
LART 3900   X    
SPED 3100 X      
SPED 4000 X      
SPED 4200   X    
MATH 3001 X      
MATH 3002   X    
MATH 3003 X      

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