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Faculty Development Committee

Committee Members

  • Dr. Greg Hartman¬† (Faculty Senate Representative)
  • Dr. Jeffery Rogers (History)
  • Dr. David Janssen (English )
  • Dr. Richard Schmude (Math & Physical Sciences)
  • Dr. Cathy Lee (Biology)
  • Mrs. Samantha Bishop (Nursing)
  • Mrs. Rhonda Wooley¬† (Theater)
  • Dr. Michael Borders (Education)

Welcome to the faculty development page. All faculty interested in applying for a faculty development grant may download the faculty development grant proposal form (pdf) and the cover sheet and save it to your computer.

Download the Check List .

The following is a description of the types of applications the committee will consider and the submission protocol.


To fund faculty development activities which demonstrably benefit the college and/or the community by

  • enhancing teaching either through (1) direct impact on the faculty member's own teaching or (2) usefulness to other faculty in the division or College as a whole;
  • increasing the effectiveness of faculty governance;
  • enhancing the reputation of the College; and/or
  • improving College/community relations.

In most circumstances, the first of these, enhancing teaching, shall take precedence over the other three.


In applying for faculty development funds, faculty will be expected to state precisely what group or groups will benefit from the proposed activity or project.

Funded activities and projects might include but are not limited to

  • seminars,
  • research,
  • resource centers,
  • papers, presentations, posters, and expenses related to being an officer of a professional organization,
  • training workshops, and/or
  • new teaching experiences.

Though they may in some incidents be used to supplement departmental funds by enabling faculty to make presentations at conferences, faculty development funds are not to be considered a mere extension of departmental travel budgets.

Faculty seeking funding for travel to conferences should first request departmental travel funds.

The total amount of funds (divisional money plus FDC money) will not exceed $500 for in-state travel, $1,000 for continental United States travel, and $1,500 for non-continental United States and international travel.

For example, if Dr. Gordon has $400 available for travel funds from her division and she is going to an in-state conference, then the FDC may grant her $100 for the total of $500.

Please submit five (5) copies of the application and one (1) copy of any appropriate supporting documentation to any committee member who will distribute the applications to committee members.

If your application for funds is approved by the committee, you need to take the approval form to the business office and follow instructions from its staff.


Please use the following steps to get money reimbursed to you from the faculty development fund and your division.

  1. Send in a prior approval for travel form with the signature of your division chair to the business office.
  2. When you fill out an expense statement, fill out one for division reimbursement and one for faculty development reimbursement. Both must be signed and approved by the person responsible for the reimbursing party, i.e., the division chair and the FDC chair.
  3. Send in the appropriate receipts with the correct expense statement to the business office.
  4. If you have a copy of the approval form from the faculty development fund administrator for the total amount of monies that you have been awarded for your travel, please give the business office a copy along with your expense statement.