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GeorgiaVIEW (Desire2Learn)


GeorgiaVIEW, a University System of Georgia (USG) initiative, is an Internet-based teaching and learning environment that organizes course materials and assignments, facilitates communication and collaboration with faculty and other students, provides online testing and course assessment tools, along with many other features to aid in classroom instruction.

How do I access GeorgiaVIEW?

GeorgiaVIEW can be accessed by navigating to the website below . . .


What is my initial login for GeorgiaVIEW?

Your login account for GeorgiaVIEW is as follows . . .

  1. Your GeorgiaVIEW User name is the same as your Gordon network user name. Your user name is printed on the back of your Gordon College ID card under the magnetic strip.
  2. Your GeorgiaVIEW password is the same as your Gordon network / e-mail password.

How do I get help using the new Desire2Learn system?

The University System of Georgia has implemented a new Learning Management System from Desire2Learn, often referred to as D2L. This new system has replaced Blackboard's Vista 8. Below are some resources to help you get started.

The University System of Georgia provides support for GeorgiaVIEW via the new D2L Help Center. This center, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, includes an extensive knowledge base that is designed to answer most of your GeorgiaVIEW related questions online.

University System of Georgia D2L Help Center >>

What if I can't login and/or forget my password?

If you can not logon to GeorgiaVIEW successfully, then more than likely your network password has expired or you have forgotten your current password. Students can reset their password online by using the following secured form...

Network Password Reset

How can I make sure my computer is configured properly for GeorgiaVIEW?

Before using GeorgiaVIEW, you will need to verify that you are using a supported browser and that your computer's configuration is correct. Test your browser by navigating to the Desire2Learn System Checker at http://www.usg.edu/usgweb/d2lchecker/.

If you have already tested your browser using the system checker and you continue having trouble using GeorgiaVIEW, follow the troubleshooting information available on the D2L Help Center:
How do I know if my computer will work with D2L?.

What is the maintenance schedule for GeorgiaVIEW?

GeorgiaVIEW will be temporarily unavailable for routine maintenance on several dates throughout the semester. Faculty should be aware of these dates in order to schedule assignment deadlines around these maintenance periods.

As an instructor, how do I copy content from a previous course in GeorgiaVIEW?

Download and follow along with the guide below to learn how to assign content to your new sections.