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Brightspace by D2L Instructor Resources- Quizzes

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Setting up Quizzes Questions:


How do I set up a quiz in Brightspace by D2L?

There are three options for devising a quiz within Brightspace by D2L.

1. Building the quiz from scratch within D2L (works best if you have 10 or less questions or if the quiz is essay-based)

2. Building the quiz using Respondus and sending it into D2L (works best if you have a lot of questions and most are multiple choice)

3. Building the quiz using a publisher's test bank (look on your publisher's website to see if there is a test bank for your book)

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How do I give students special access to the quiz (for ADA purposes)?

By giving students special access to a quiz, you can allow them to take the quiz on a different date or give them a longer amount of time to complete the quiz (or both).

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How do I view the quiz statistics and regrade (edit) the quiz?

The process should be to:

1. View the quiz statistics

2. Perform any re-grading (throwing out questions, etc).

3. Updating the quiz (if a question was keyed incorrectly)

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What are my options for having exams proctored within Brightspace by D2L?

There are two options for proctored assessments:

1. ProctorU: With this service, the completion of the quiz is monitored by ProctorU employees. Any incidents are reported to the instructor. ProctorU does cost the student an extra fee and it is integrated into D2L.

2. Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor: With this service, a video recording is made of the student as he/she takes the exam in D2L. The instructor then views the video to determine any issues. There is not an extra fee for the student. This service is integrated into D2L. There are two tiers to this service. The lockdown browser is the first tier and locks students into the screen. The second tier is the monitoring element, which video records the student as they take the exam. The instructor can use just the lockdown browser (tier 1) or the lockdown browser and monitor (tier 2)

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