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All-in Collegiate ministries 

All In's mission is to build community, connection, and unity throughout the college campus. 




Anime Club 

The GSC Anime Club is a group that studies the Japanese style of animation as a unique art form and way of storytelling. We encourage your artistic and creative side along with your general love for all things nerdy. We welcome people of all kinds and require no club fees. 

Tyler Pittman 




Baptist Collegiate Ministries 

The Baptist Collegiate Ministries' mission is to encourage believers on campus, mentor students to live lives that are healthy spiritually, mentallyphysically, and emotionally. 

Dr. Susan Byars 



Brother 2 Brother 

B2B provides positive solutions to specific needs of black males enrolled in college while encouraging academic responsibility. 

Ryran Traylor 






Tri-Beta—Tau Alpha Tau Honors Society 

The purpose of this Biological honors society is to improve the understanding and appreciation of biology and to extend our understanding of nature through biological research. 

Dr. Amanda Duffus 







Campus Activity Board 

CAB provides opportunities for students to grow and learn together while engaging in an active campus environment. 

Sharon Lloyd 



Cheerleaders Club 

Our purpose is to provide a team atmosphere where students can promote good cheer, spread school spirit, demonstrate leadership, and serve their community. 



Chemistry club 

Chemistry Club's intent is to create awareness of career opportunities in the chemistry field, and to increase the overall interest in chemistry as a scholarly study. 

Dr. Richard Schmude, Jr. 




Chess Team 

Our purpose is to promote the popularity and appreciation of the game of chess. 

Dr. Bernard Anderson 




Computing and Mathematics Club 

CAM's intent is to support the community of math and computer science students, promote interests in these fields, and help students in classes in these fields. 

Dr. Bernard Anderson 





Divinely Anointed Gospel Choir 

Our mission is to provide opportunity for Gordon state College students to sing gospel music and participate in various events and activities both on and off campus. 

Gratasha Banks gratashab@gordonstate.edu 


EarthWindFire Science Club 

Our purpose is to encourage science education and literacy. 

Dr. Linda Hyde 



GSC Education Club 

Our purpose is to gather up members of the Education program and get people involved to serve our community. 

Dr. Michael Mahan 





Engineering Club 

The Engineering club provides guidance to science and engineering majors. It also Conducts activities that will help invigorate students' passion for engineering.  

Dr. Marwan Zabdawi mzabdawi@gordonstate.edu 


Future Healthcare Professionals of America 

We strive to expose HIM students to the HIM profession through community involvement. 

Victoria Mills 






Gay-Straight Alliance 

GSA seeks to provide a safe and open atmosphere for its members and provide education on gay, lesbian, and transgendered issues. It also seeks to improve tolerance and understanding between gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/queer (LGBTQ) and straight students, faculty, and staff at Gordon State College. 

Dr. Courtney McLeod 



English Honors Society: Sigma Tau Delta 

We are dedicated to the promotion and visibility of excellence in English studies. 

Dr. Wesley Venus 






Gordon State College Association of Nursing Students 

Our purpose is to further nursing education and professional interest through community outreach and peer-to-peer networking activities. 

Samantha Bishop sbishop@gordonstate.edu 


Gordon State College Choir 

The Choir is an outlet for students involved in vocal classes on campus. Our choir performs at public and private events throughout the community. 

Joan Thomas 




Highlander Art Club 

We encourage students to join and learn more about different art programs that Gordon State offers. 

Bob Detamore 




Hispanic Scholarship Fund 

HSF exists to promote academic success and student engagement among Latino college students. 

Ryran Traylor 




History Club 

To promote the study and appreciation of history on campus and in the community. 

Dr. Scott Schubitz sschubitz@gordonstate.edu 


Honors Program 

The Honors Program strives to provide opportunities for students to obtain an enhanced educational experience. 

Dr. David Janssen 




Newman Club 

The Newman club strives to encourage Christian growth for students through service projects and lectures by pastors and other people related to the Catholic and other Christian churches. 

Dr. Caroline Collins 




The Rock CMI 

Our purpose is to minister to fellow students on campus and spread the joy of the Lord. 

Stephen Agyare 




Rotaract Club 

Our purpose is to bring students together to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. 

Jim Rickerson 




Sisterhood of Integrity 

We foster academic, professional, and personal development in our members, helping them to achieve success at Gordon State College and beyond. 



Student Government Association 

Our purpose is to be a voice for the students of Gordon State College. SGA acts as a liaison between the students, faculty and staff of Gordon College. 

Sharon Lloyd 




GSC Toastmasters 

The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. 

Dr. Tonya Moore, DTM tmoore@gordonstate.edu 


Train of Thought 

Our purpose is to create a literary magazine that represents all aspects of the Gordon State community. 

Dr. Mark King