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The Library

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The Dorothy W. Hightower Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) & Library provides appropriate facilities and information resources to support the college’s mission and core values to “develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, a global perspective and a commitment to lifelong learning that includes a respect for everyone involved in the process”. The library’s mission statement and primary functions serve as a guide for the library to serve the curricular needs of students, faculty, and staff, and where possible, the educational needs of the broader community.

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The mission of the Dorothy W. Hightower CLC & Library is to support the teaching, learning, and research needs of the college community by providing a knowledgeable staff, resources, tools, information, learning spaces, and instruction in evaluative and lifelong learning skills.

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Vision and Function

The Dorothy W. Hightower Collaborative Learning Center & Library is a welcoming environment offering the encouraging flexible, open, and collaborative learning spaces as well as individual study spaces to meet the needs of the 21st Century student learner. The library provides and maintains a full range of print, non-print, and electronic resources as well as technology and services to support teaching and learning at Gordon State College. Additionally, the library promotes awareness, understanding, and the use of these resources through research skills courses, library orientation classes, individualized instruction, online tutorials, and hands-on research assistance for all Gordon State students including distance education learners (off-site, hybrid, and online). Gordon State College students, faculty, and staff, as well as the surrounding community are invited to use Hightower Collaborative Learning Center & Library to pursue academic and intellectual interests. The primary functions of the library are:

  1. To provide physical and electronic access to the necessary informational and instructional resources and technologies which facilitate teaching and nurture learning via logical organization of materials and services, enabling information to be conveniently located, accessed, manipulated, and created.
  2. To provide an expert staff, whose value as an informational source equals that of our print and electronic resources, and who are committed to aiding the students, faculty, and staff in the most effective manner.
  3. To provide for a growing student body and faculty an attractive yet functional facility which respects the tradition of solo individual study while simultaneously encouraging the spirit of collaborative engagement, and which allows students, faculty, and staff to achieve their academic and professional goals through research, education, facilitation, presentations, stimulation, and innovation.

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Technology and Resources

As the collaborative learning and information center for Gordon State College, the library combines traditional library services with modern educational technology. Resources and services are available for users attending classes at the main campus as well as off campus sites. Users may browse the shelves for more than 103,000 books, including reference tools, or search for specific items using the on-line catalog, which also contains over 400,000 full text electronic books. The library subscribes to more than 650 print and electronic periodicals. Library users have access to 310 databases in GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online) includes citations and abstracts, full-text journal and magazine databases, electronic reference tools, other on-line library catalogs, and authoritative Internet resources on numerous subjects. Additionally, the library houses a collection of videos and DVDs for use in the library or for classroom use. Equipment is also available in the library for viewing these materials.

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Library orientation and instruction classes are essential to effective library use. Therefore, faculty members are encouraged to schedule an orientation session to help their students use the library’s resources and services more successfully. Individual instruction and reference help, as well as research guides, are always available at the Reference and Circulation Desk.

As a member of multiple regional groups of cooperating libraries, the Hightower CLC & Library makes its collection available to other institutions. In return, Gordon State College students have access to the resources of many other college, public, and special libraries, either through GIL Express (a resource-sharing service within the University System of Georgia) or Interlibrary Loan (a national resource lending system).

Students are encouraged to browse the library’s collection; to check out books with their valid Gordon State College I.D.; and to read, research, and study while in the library. The Dorothy W. Hightower CLC & Library promotes a positive learning and collaborative environment by providing an assortment of technological resources and study spaces: computers, laptops, microfilm readers, scanners, individual and group study rooms, a Presentation Practice Room, and an Assistive Technology Resource Room. Faculty members are likewise encouraged to survey the library’s holdings, recommend resources for acquisition, and utilize the facility for their classes and research. The Hightower CLC & Library connects the Gordon State College community, both on campus and online, to the resources and services that support academic coursework, research, and lifelong learning.

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