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Student Affairs

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Intercollegiate Athletics

Gordon State College is an active participant in intercollegiate sports and is a member of the Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association and the National Junior College Athletic Association. Membership in these associations entitles state winners in any sport to go on to regional and national competition.

Gordon State College currently participates in six intercollegiate sports – three for women and three for men. Women’s sports include cross country, soccer, and fast-pitch softball while men compete in cross country, basketball, and baseball. The college also offers cheerleading as a club sports team.

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Intramural Sports

Gordon State College has a strong intramural sports program, and all students are encouraged to participate in intramural sports. Campus teams compete in basketball, flag football, volleyball, soccer, and softball. Individuals compete in sports such as tennis, racquetball, billiards, and table tennis. For a current listing of intramural sports, please see the Recreation Coordinator. Other sports may be added based on student interest.

Students who participate in any intramural sport or use Gordon State College athletic facilities must sign the required liability waiver forms (See Liability on the next page).

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Student Activities

Student activities are a part of the cultural pattern of student life and are designed to complement students’ academic pursuits. The Student Activities Program at Gordon State College includes intramural sports, student government, various clubs and organizations, campus publications, theatrical productions, concert series, leisure time activities, and other activities as decided upon by the Campus Activity Board. Activities and events are funded through student activity fees and are free, or provided at a reduced rate, to those students showing a valid Gordon State College identification card.

The Office of Student Activities strives to provide excellent customer service to the Gordon State College community. We accomplish this by always being polite and courteous at our events as well as answering inquiries dealing with student activities in a timely manner. We treat you, the customer, with the utmost respect because we know that if you weren’t here, we wouldn’t be either.

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Student Organizations

A complete listing of official student clubs and organizations is available in the Student Activities Office.

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Recreational Facilities

Outdoor tennis and racquetball courts are available for use by students, faculty, and staff. The swimming pool is located between the gymnasium and the Academic Building. The Student Activity and Recreation Center houses a basketball arena with 2118 bleacher seats, a weight room, a cardio room, a game room, a multi-purpose room, food services area and a Student Activity Office Suite. The Athletic Complex provides fields, a walking path, and a ropes course featuring a climbing wall and zip wire.

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Many recreational activities and athletic programs (e.g., trips, dances, swimming parties, sporting events, intramural sports, sightseeing, etc.) involve substantial risk of bodily injury and/or property damage. Specific dangers include but are not limited to hypothermia, broken bones, strains, sprains, bruises, drowning, concussion, heart attack, and heat exhaustion.

Before participating in any extracurricular and/or recreational activities, the following liability waiver documents must be completed and filed with the Director of Student Activities. Before participating in any athletic activity, the following liability waiver documents must be completed and filed with the Athletic Director.

  1. Notice to All Persons Participating in Athletic or Recreation Activities and
  2. Release, Waiver of Liability and Covenant Not to Sue

These documents are available in the Student Activities and Recreation Office and must be signed as a package at least annually by all persons who participate in extracurricular, athletic, and/or recreational activities. The signature of each participant must be witnessed as indicated.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center at Gordon State College provides confidential counseling and support services to all currently enrolled Gordon State students. Services include but are not limited to personal counseling, accessibility services, presentations and workshops. In addition our office provides assistance with college adjustment, stress management, anxiety, and crisis management.

Counseling is short-term, solution focused. Referral resources are available for students seeking long term therapy. The Counseling Center maintains a Community Resource List located on the Counseling website. Students seeking psychological, psychiatric, or rehabilitative assistance should review this list.

The Counseling Center on the main campus is located in the Student Center, Room 212. The telephone number is (678)359-5585. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. Counseling Services are provided to students attending satellite campuses on an as needed basis. All appointments are coordinated through the Counseling Center on main campus.

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Minority Advisement Program

The Minority Advisement Program (MAP) is an achievement-based program designed to facilitate the transition to college for minority students. The primary initiative of the Minority Advisement Program is to foster a more nurturing and inviting environment on campus thereby promoting success and improving the retention, progression, and graduation rate of our diverse student population. The Minority Advisement Program provides academic counseling/referrals, student clubs, speakers, mentoring, and other support services. For more information about the program, please visit the MAP Office in the Student Center, Room 202 or call 678.359.5096.

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Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services at Gordon State College is committed to working with students with disabilities to assess their needs and to assist with academic accommodations that may be necessary and appropriate due to a disability. The primary goal is to ensure equal access to the college experience for students with disabilities through reasonable accommodation. The Office of Accessibility Services assists in the coordination of appropriate services, based on the student’s individual needs. Accessibility Services is located in the Counseling Center (second floor of the Student Center). Students enrolled at any campus should contact (678) 359-5585 for additional information.

A student with a disability seeking academic accommodations should contact Accessibility Services as early as possible to schedule an appointment and register their disability with Accessibility Services. To be considered for academic accommodations the student must provide documentation of the disability from an appropriately licensed professional. Documentation must verify the disability and the functional limitations that substantially limit one or more major life functions. Documentation must meet the standards set by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The guidelines for disability documentation and specific documentation guidelines may be found at http://www.usg.edu/academic_affairs_handbook/section3/handbook.

The student will be interviewed by a member of the Accessibility Services staff and the documentation will be reviewed. A determination will be made if the student should be approved for academic accommodations based on the documentation provided.

The following are examples of some common disabilities that may qualify an individual for accommodations: learning disabilities, attention deficit/ Hyperactivity disorder, blindness/ low vision, hard of hearing/ deafness, chronic medical conditions, psychological/psychiatric disabilities, motor/mobility impairment, brain injury and other conditions that substantially limit a major life function  (seeing, hearing, walking, moving, breathing, learning, etc.).

Accommodations are based on the documentation provided and a student may be eligible for one or more accommodations. Common accommodations include but are not limited to: extended test time, permission to electronically record lectures, distraction-reduced testing environment, sign language interpreter services, alternate text formats for textbooks and other printed course materials, use of computers with assistive technology for testing, housing modifications, captioning services, assistive listening devices, volunteer note-takers, priority registration and physical access accommodations.

Once approved for accommodations the student is required to provide Accessibility Services with a copy of their detailed student schedule at the beginning of each semester. The student is responsible for getting the accommodation letters from Accessibility Services and distributing them to their instructor. Students who are eligible to test in the Testing Center should follow Testing Center guidelines to schedule testing there.

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Career Services Center

The mission of the Career Services Center is to provide a variety of career services that are designed to:

  • Assist students in analyzing interests, aptitude personal traits, desired lifestyles, educational and career goals (career counseling)
  • Provide students with sufficient career and employment information so that they may understand the implications of their choice of program/major (career and planning), and
  • Assist students in obtaining employment commensurate with their academic preparation, interest, capabilities, career and life goals (placement).  The Career Services Center will play a major role in assisting students with their educational and career goals.

Services Provided by CSC:

  • Career Interest, Personality and Learning Style Assessments
  • Resume Building
  • Career Exploration Training & Coaching
  • Mock Interview Practice
  • Networking Resources and Tools
  • Professional Development Workshops & Camps
  • Career Fairs
  • Employment Leads

It’s easy to set up an appointment, contact our Career Services Coordinator:

Tonya Y. Moore, GSC Career Services Coordinator
Phone: 678-359-5719
Email: tmoore@gordonstate.edu

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Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is located in Gordon Hall. The Department is responsible for providing a safe and secure educational environment for the Gordon State College community and is comprised of Georgia P.O.S.T. certified Police Officers. Public Safety Officers provide continual service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Gordon State College Public Safety Officers enforce state laws and conduct criminal and traffic investigations for all offenses occurring on College property. In addition, officers provide crime prevention services and conduct routine patrol. All departmental personnel are authorized to enforce college policy as well as parking regulations.

Loitering on or around vehicles and parking lots on the Gordon State campus is strictly prohibited. Students are required to be off campus or in their respective residence halls by 12:00 a.m. (midnight). Visitors can be asked to leave at any time by Public Safety personnel or Student Affairs staff if they are contributing to a disturbance or violating any College rule or regulation.

The Department of Public Safety is committed to providing professional and courteous service to all members of the College community. Public Safety personnel are available to assist with vehicle jumpstarts, door unlocks, walking escorts, and additional services as needed. Personnel are also present during special functions to help with traffic direction and to facilitate crowd control.

The Gordon State College community is strongly encouraged to report all suspicious or criminal activity whenever observed. All emergencies should be reported directly to the Public Safety Emergency Line at (770) 358-5111 or 5111 by campus phone in order to coordinate the proper emergency response. Non-emergencies should be directed to (678) 359-5101. Emergency call-boxes are located on campus in parking areas and between buildings as an additional means of communication. These phones are marked by a blue pole with the word “EMERGENCY” printed on them in white lettering. Call-boxes report directly to the 24-hour communications center at the Department of Public Safety. These phones should only be used to report criminal activity or to request a Public Safety service.

To contact students for emergency purposes between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., call the Student Affairs Office at (678) 359-5056. To contact students for emergency purposes between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., call the Department of Public Safety at (770) 358-5111.

NON-EMERGENCY (678) 359-5101
EMERGENCY LINE (770) 358-5111
Or 5111 by campus phone

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Residence Life

Gordon State College Freshmen Residency Requirement

National Research shows that freshmen who live in the residence halls tend to experience greater academic and personal success during their college career. For this reason, Gordon requires incoming freshmen with Learning Support requirements to live in the residence halls. These freshmen are able to live in any residence hall on campus and must remember that assignments are made on a first come, first served basis.

You are required to live on campus if all of the following apply:

  • A first time, full-time freshman with Learning Support requirements (attending college for the first time and registered for 12 or more credit hours)
  • Under the age of 21 (prior to July 1)
  • Resides outside of the following contiguous counties
    • Butts
    • Lamar
    • Monroe
    • Pike
    • Spalding
    • Upson

Please visit www.gordonstate.edu/housing for more information on the application and/or exemption process. A student who is required to live on campus may apply for an exemption to this policy if the student provides documentation for one of the following conditions: (1) lives with parent/guardian, (2) married, (3) veteran or active duty military, or (4) parent with custody of child.

Living in the residence halls at Gordon State College is an integral part of the educational process. Therefore, all students enrolled in twelve (12) or more semester hours at the College are encouraged to live in the residence halls. Students are required to register for 12 or more credit hours when residing on campus. Students are encouraged to maintain 12 or more credit hours for financial aid, graduation, transfer and or insurance purposes.

Students who complete the application process as specified will have their residence hall applications reviewed and processed according to the date they complete all of the steps. All new students living in the residence halls are strongly encouraged to participate in Residence Life Orientation at the beginning of the Fall Semester. These sessions are designed to help students with transition issues regarding on-campus housing.

To apply for on-campus living, students should visit the housing webpage at www.gordonstate.edu/housing for the online application process.

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Student Government Association

All students at Gordon State College can be members of the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA Council consists of the three major officers of the SGA (i.e., the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer), as well as the senators elected by the students. The SGA Constitution is available for review in the Student Activities Office.

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Highlander Hall

Currently, Gordon State College offers three (19, 12 and 9) meal plans. Meal plan fees are available on the web at http://gordonstate.sodexomyway.com.

The 19 Meal Plan includes three (3) meals per day on Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. The 12 and 9 Meal Plans offer 12 and 9 meals each week to allow students to choose which meals to eat during the week. All meal plans offer Gordon Dollars redeemable for food in Gordon Grind (located in the lobby of the Instructional Complex), The Spot (located on the first floor of Gordon Village), Simply to Go (located next to the Bookstore), Wholly Habanero's and The Grille (located in the Student Activity and Recreation Center). Resident students may choose from any of the three (3) meal plan options. Students must be properly dressed at all times when in the cafeteria and other eating locations on campus. Shoes and shirts are required by law.

Students are required to carry their own tray, utensils, and all left-over food to the appropriate kitchen window at the conclusion of each meal. This courteous action, other common courtesies, and a moderate noise level are required at all times and will make the dining hall an enjoyable and relaxing place for all.

Each student who lives in campus residence halls is required to pay board for the campus dining hall. Students with special diets must ask a physician to provide complete dietary requirements to the College. Commuting and off-campus students who wish to dine in Highlander Hall may choose to purchase one of the three meal plans, purchase a block plan, or pay the daily rate at the door. Identification cards are checked at every meal, and each student must have the appropriate Gordon State College identification card available when entering the dining hall. Suggestions for improving the dining hall are encouraged. Please direct all suggestions to the appropriate Food Service Committee or to the Dining Services Office.

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Campus Safety

General Safety

Any person witnessing or having knowledge of a crime or discovering or being involved in an accident on College property should immediately notify the Department of Public Safety.

Fire Safety

All students shall be required to observe all state fire laws and College fire safety regulations. Any person discovering a fire on or in College property should immediately notify the Department of Public Safety.

Evacuation Procedures

All students should adhere to posted instructions for evacuating the buildings in the event of fire, natural disasters, disruptive actions, or other occurrences.

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Vending Machines

Vending machines are located on the second of the Student Center, second floor of Russell Hall, second and fourth floors of Instructional Complex, Student Lounge of the Academic Building, Student Activity and Recreation Center and the Residence Halls.

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Campus Visitors

The College campus, buildings, and facilities are designated for the use of the students, faculty, and staff of the College. Guests of students, faculty, and staff members are welcome on the campus and are subject to all campus regulations while visiting the College. Such guests are the direct responsibility of those they are visiting, and the hosts can be held responsible for guests’ actions.

Other occasional visitors are welcome at Gordon State College and shall be accorded the hospitality of the College.

Habitual loiterers or visitors whose conduct is in any way detrimental to the life and work of the College and individuals who refuse to identify themselves upon the request of a College faculty member, administrator, or Public Safety Officer shall be asked to leave the campus. Persons who refuse to respond to the request or who return to the campus after having been instructed not to do so shall be in violation of state law.

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Concessions and Fund Raising

Student organizations approved by and registered with Gordon State College may engage in fund raising activities to sell products or services or to collect donations. Prior written approval for such activities must be obtained from the Student Activities Office.

Fund raising projects must be conducted in a lawful manner and in compliance with College regulations. State law prohibits raffles and lotteries except within very specific parameters involving sales promotion activities which are strictly regulated

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Student Health Center

Gordon State College provides a Student Health Center when academic classes are in session. The Student Health Center is staffed by qualified health care professionals and is supported by the student health care fee. Any accident involving bodily injury must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety and the Student Affairs Office at 678-359-5101 and 678-359-5056, respectively. For any accident considered life threatening, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) may be reached at 911.

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Identification Cards

Each student will be issued a photo identification card at no cost when they register for classes at Gordon State College for the first time. This card will serve as a student’s identification card, library card, and meal card (if applicable). Student identification cards must be carried at all times and will be used for identification at all student activities, in all recreation facilities (e.g., the gymnasium and the swimming pool), to check out library books, residence hall access and for cafeteria privileges. Replacement identification cards may be purchased in the Bursar's Office, Lambdin Hall 230 or Public Safety, Gordon Hall.  

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Lost and Found

Students should report any items which are lost or found on campus to the Department of Public Safety (678-359-5101).

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There are no pay telephones on campus; however, house phones are located in the Athletic Complex, Instructional Complex, Lambdin Hall, and Student Center. Local calls can be made from the house phones at no charge.

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Publicity and Advertising

The Student Activities Office
The Student Activities Office is responsible for maintaining 6 student activity bulletin boards located in high traffic areas on campus. Bulletin boards are located in the following buildings:

Instructional Complex (1st floor) 1 board
Student Center (1st floor) 2 boards
Russell Hall (1st floor) 1 board
Academic Building (1st floor)

2 boards

Materials to be posted on a campus bulletin board must be submitted to the Student Activities Office for approval. All approved materials will be posted by the Student ActivitiesOffice usually within 24 to 72 hours from the time they are approved. Due to space limitations, posters should be no larger than 11" x 13".

Written materials may be distributed free of charge by College students on campus, either individually or as officials of registered student organizations, pursuant to the following regulations:

  1. Distributors are subject to the Code of Student Conduct, local, state, and federal laws.
  2. Materials distributed must identify the author or publisher and, when necessary for clarification, a statement disclaiming College sponsorship.
  3. Distribution of materials may not take place within College buildings except within the specifically designated areas:
    • Student Center and individually approved building lobbies (materials must not be posted on any entrance doors, glass surfaces or motorized vehicles.)
  4. Distributors may not in any way interfere with orderly process of the College. They shall not, for example:
    • obstruct vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian or other traffic;
    • obstruct entrances or exits to buildings or driveways;
    • interfere with educational activities, inside or outside any buildings;
    • harass passers-by or otherwise disrupt normal activities;
    • interfere with or preclude a scheduled speaker from being heard;
    • interfere with scheduled College ceremonies or events;
    • damage property, including lawns, shrubs, automobiles or trees.
  5. Materials must be removed when the event has concluded.
  6. This policy does not apply to officially printed materials of the College.
  7. Materials must be given to the Director of Student Activities at least one (1) week prior to the date needed to be posted.
  8. Materials must be approved by the Student Activities Office and must contain the “official” stamp. The office will assist in the dissemination of all written materials.
  9. Unless flyers are promoting a “special” club sponsored event, the size of the flyer should be limited to 8.5" x 11".

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Off-Campus Housing Statement

Students living off campus must arrange for their own housing. The College assumes no responsibility for off-campus housing, but does attempt to assist students by helping them become aware of available options in the surrounding area. Students are responsible for notifying the Registrar’s Office of their correct off-campus mailing address.

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Student Complaint Policy

Students have the right to lodge a complaint whether academic or non-academic.

Students wishing to file a complaint should fill out the “Student Complaint Form” found on the Gordon State College website (see below). The completed form will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs and assigned to the appropriate department for resolution. The student will receive confirmation of the complaint within ten days. The student will be notified of the resolution within 30 days. Should the student not be satisfied with the resolution they may appeal the decision to the Vice President of the division of the college with oversight of the complaint. The student will be notified in writing within ten days of the decision of the Vice President or designee. The decision of the Vice President will be final.


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