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Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN-BSN Completion Program

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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN Completion) is an articulation program which offers registered nurses the opportunity to obtain this degree through an RN-BSN Completion Program. The program emphasizes professional development, research, health promotion, community health, and leadership. The program which requires 122 semester hours of credit for graduation includes completion of 31 semester hours of required upper division nursing courses at Gordon State College. After successful completion of 7 semester hours of the RN-BSN completion program, RN students are eligible for a minimum of 30 hours of semester credit for previous nursing courses through the Georgia RN-BSN Articulation Plan. Students earn the 60-61 semester hours of BSN Core Curriculum through transfer credit. Courses in the RN-BSN completion program are designed using a combination of online (synchronous/asynchronous) instruction and clinical experiences. Additionally, practicum experiences are required in two course (Community Health Nursing and Nursing Leadership Management). Full-time students can complete the curriculum in three semesters which include one summer semester.

Applications to Gordon State College and to the RN-BSN Completion Program are available on-line during the designated application period. Information is posted on the website for the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at http://www.gordonstate.edu/bsn/home. Application packets may be hand delivered or mailed to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Gordon State College. Applications will not be accepted by email or Fax. The application form and materials must be submitted by the deadline as one packet to be considered for admission.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN-BSN Completion Program is competitive and granted on a space available basis. In order to be considered for admission, applicants must:

  1. Be a graduate of an accredited associate degree or diploma program in nursing
  2. Be admitted to Gordon State College prior to the RN-BSN nursing application deadline
  3. Have an overall GPA of at least 2.5
  4. Completion of all prerequisite core curriculum course work with a grade of “C” or higher by the beginning of the RN-BSN program
  5. Submit all required application materials as one packet including a signed and dated application and copies of all college transcripts and/or, if currently enrolled, a copy of academic summary
  6. If the student is an international student whose native language is not English and who did not receive a nursing degree from an accredited U. S. institution, the student must submit scores, not more than two years old, on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Official TOEFL scores of 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, or 79 internet-based are required.

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Admitted Candidates

All candidates must participate in clinical experiences to meet specific course requirements in the RN-BSN Completion Program. Therefore, candidates will be required to verify that they are available for clinical experiences during the Fall and Spring semesters. Since the program of studies involves working in healthcare facilities, prospective candidates must also consent and obtain the following prior to enrolling in any clinical nursing courses:

  1. A current Georgia Board of Nursing registered nurse license
  2. Health requirements: (a) health history and physical examination; (b) immunization requirements including measles, rubella, and hepatitis B and any others required by specific clinical facilities; (c) tuberculosis screening; (d) current American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Providers' certification; (e) personal health insurance. Personal health insurance is a requirement of the Board of Regents in Georgia for students in healthcare professions. If students do not have personal health insurance, they will be billed through Gordon State College; (f) health professions RN liability insurance. This is billed through Gordon State College.
  3. A criminal background check and drug screen. The student will be responsible for the expense of the background check and drug screen. If a student is denied a clinical experience at any clinical agency because of findings in the student’s criminal background check or drug screen, the clinical requirements for that course cannot be met. The student would then not be able to successfully complete the course; therefore, withdrawal from the program would be required. Gordon State College has no way of knowing or controlling who will be permitted to have clinical experiences in the agencies.

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Progression Policy

  1. If a student has not passed the NCLEX exam and received a Georgia Board of Nursing license by the start of classes where clinical rotations are require, the student will not be allowed to enroll in those RN-BSN classes under any circumstances. If the student does not present a valid Georgia Registered Nurse license, he/she must withdraw from the program. Once the student passes the NCLEX and obtains a valid Georgia Board of Nursing license, reapplication will be considered for the following semester. Any student seeking readmission must submit the readmission form to the BSN Department Head at least one semester prior to the semester in which the student seeks to return. The student must met all of the admission/acceptance requirements, including an overall GPA of at least 2.5. Readmission will occur on a space available basis. Prior to acceptance into subsequent clinical courses after readmission, the RN student must perform a detailed health assessment equal to that performed in the Health Assessment and Promotion course. Following the successful completion of the health assessment in the laboratory setting, the student will be allowed to register for the course with a clinical component.
  2. To progress through the RN-BSN completion program, each student must attain a “C” (75%) or better to pass any nursing course and have satisfactory clinical performance. A student not obtaining a passing grade of a “C” (75%) in a course may repeat that course at the next available offering. Students may repeat one failed nursing course (less than 75%), but may repeat it only once. The student will be dismissed from the program if there is a second failure of this course or another future course.

For policies on dismissal from the program, re-entry into the program, and academic dishonesty, see the student handbook for the RN-BSN program.

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Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of the University System of Georgia Core Curriculum (including history and constitution requirements)
  2. Successful completion of all RN-BSN nursing courses with a minimum grade of 75%
  3. Successful completion of 123 total semester hours which includes:
  • 61 semester hours USG core curriculum, including one hour from Area G
  • 31 hours of articulation credit from an accredited associate or diploma program in nursing (see RN-BSN Articulation Plan found below)
  • 31 hours specific hours of upper division nursing credit

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Georgia RN-BSN Articulation Plan

Gordon State College supports the Georgia RN-BSN Articulation model for entry and progression through the program. The registered nurse articulating to the baccalaureate level will be awarded 31 semester hours accrued from their previous associate or diploma degree. These credits will be held in escrow until the baccalaureate candidate successfully completes 7 semester hours of RN-BSN nursing credit at Gordon State College. Credits held in escrow will then be added to the student’s transcript.

Policy for RN student who graduated more than 4 years ago and has not practiced as a Registered Nurse for at least 1000 hours (approximately 6 months) during the past three years:

  1. Student must meet the Dean and RN-BSN Coordinator prior to the first semester and first day of class for the RN-BSN program.
  2. Student must pass an exam consisting of medical-surgical and pediatric content with a 75% or higher accuracy.
  3. Student must pass a skills check-off of common nursing skills.
  4. Student must pass NURS 3092 with 75% or higher in the first summer semester of the RN-BSN program.

During the admission process, any RN student who has not graduated from a nursing program in the State of Georgia will have their transcripts reviewed. Nursing courses will be evaluated and must be comparable to the requirements set for students graduating from programs of nursing in the State of Georgia. Gordon State College reserves the right to ask an applicant from an out of state nursing program to satisfy any curricular deficiency prior to acceptance into the RN-BSN program.

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How Graduation Credits Are Earned:

Type Credit Hours Comments
Completion of the Core Curriculum at a USG institution 61 Semester Hours From Gordon State College or transferred courses (includes 1 hour PHED activity course)
31 Semester Hours
These courses will be counted up to 31 total semester hours
Placed on transcript at the beginning of the second semester
Credit hours awarded for:
• NURS 1901 or 1910
• NURS 1903 or 1912
• NURS 1904 or 2911
• NURS 2903 or 1911 and 2910
• NURS 2904 or 2912
or equivalent credit hours
RN-BSN Major
Required Courses
31 Semester NURS 3992 Professional Nursing Concepts
NURS 3092 Health Assessment and Health Promotion
NURS 3922 Pathophysiology/
NURS 3993 Research and Evidence Based Practice
NURS 3093 Community Health Nursing
NURS 4922 Critical Analysis: Acute and Chronic Illness
NURS 4093 Nursing Leadership and Management
NURS 4994 Synthesis in Professional Nursing
  123 Semester Hours  

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