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Bachelor of Science in Human Services

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Major in Human Services

Human Services is a multidisciplinary profession integrating the fields of psychology, sociology, government and administration. Persons who are motivated to work with individuals and families in direct efforts to improve service delivery and to assist members of society in functioning as effectively as possible will find the field of Human Services a rewarding experience. Human service professionals can expect to find employment in a wide variety of settings, including government and private social service agencies, vocational rehabilitation facilities, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, community mental health centers, child and family services, and residential facilities treating the elderly and intellectually challenged.


Because of the wide diversity of opportunities in the human services field, human services professionals are best prepared by an interdisciplinary faculty delivering an interdisciplinary curriculum. The BS in Human Services curriculum at Gordon State College includes required courses in psychology and sociology and recommended courses in business and communication. Thus this curriculum provides the breadth and depth of knowledge required to succeed in their future endeavors. While graduates of the program will receive excellent preparation for various masters and doctoral programs, the primary emphasis of the curriculum will be to provide practical, real-world training so that graduates can gain immediate employment.

Students may begin taking upper division courses as soon as the second semester of their sophomore year, providing they have completed the following courses: PSYC 1101, SOCI 1101, and HUSV 2101. As part of the curriculum, students will be required to complete a semester long internship with a human services agency that will require a minimum of 15 hours of work per week. Simultaneous to the internship, students will complete a capstone classroom seminar experience in order to discuss and process their work experience.

The course requirements of the Human Services major follow:

Curriculum for B.S. in Human Services
Core Areas A - G (42 semester hours)

Area F





(18 semester hours)      

HUSV 2101
PSYC 1101
PSYC 2103
SOCI 1101
6-12 semester hours chosen from:
Choose 2 to 4 additional  courses compatible with a career in human services. Choose from courses with the following prefix: ACCT, BIOL, BUSA, COMM, CRJU, ECON, EDUC, HUSV, PHIL, POLS, PSYC,SOCI, SPAN

Human Services Requirements




(10 semester hours)

HUSV 3001 Research Methods in the Social Sciences
HUSV 4030 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services
HUSV 4900 Human Service Internship
HUSV 4901 Human Service Capstone Seminar
(3 - 9 semester hours: Only 3 semester hours count here, excess HUSV 4900 hours can be counted as upper level elective hours.)

Psychology and Sociology Requirements

(12 semester hours)

PSYC 3020/HUSV 3020 Interviewing and Counseling
PSYC 3040 Social Psychology
PSYC 3050 Abnormal Psychology
*SOCI 3060 Culture and Diversity

Leadership Requirements



(3 semester hours)


3 semester hours from the following:
PSYC 3060 Organizational Psychology
HUSV 3060 Human Service Agencies and Processes
HUSV 4010 Program Planning, Development & Evaluation
HUSV 4081 Special Topics in Human Service Leadership
COMM 3950 Organizational Communication
MGNT 3000 Fundamental of Management
MGNT 3100 Principles of Marketing

Psychosocial Applications Requirements


(3 semester hours)

3 semester hours from the following:
PSYC 3055/SOCI 3055 Addictions
PSYC 3065/SOCI 3065 Family Systems
SOCI 3045 Poverty
SOCI 3090 Population and Society
HUSV 3080 Social Welfare Policies and Programs
HUSV 4080 Special Topics in Human Services

Upper Level Electives

(11 semester hours)

11 additional semester hours of courses numbered 3000 and above (including additional courses from human services, psychology, sociology, communication, management, and business). Excess HUSV 4900 hours can be counted as upper level elective hours.


(6-21 semester hours)

6 to 21 semester hours of courses numbered 1000 and above. (MATH 2101 or HUSV 3341 must be taken as an electives if not taken to meet requirements of Areas A-F or upper level electives. COMM 1110, 1500, BUSA 2106, and POLS 2201 are recommended electives).
Total 120 - 124 semesters hours

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