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Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

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Program Overview

The mission of Gordon State College’s Health Information Management program (HIM) is to provide students with a quality education, a desire to learn, and the knowledge and skills required by entry-level health information informatics management professionals in health care environments.

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

The Bachelor of Science with major in Health Information Management degree prepares the student for a professional career as a member of the health care team. The HIM professional is responsible for obtaining statistical information, maintaining the confidentiality of the medical record, and maintaining compliance in all medical code assignments. As a health care professional, the HIM professional is required to adhere to the code of ethics as set for by the American Health Information Management Association.


HIM classes are taught in state-of the art facilities by highly qualified professors. The Gordon State College Health Information Management program is designed to prepare the graduate with the skills necessary for work in a variety of settings.

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management
Area A-E and G 42-46 semester hours
Area F

ACCT  2101  Accounting I
BIOL 2210 Anatomy and Physiology I 
BIOL 2211 Anatomy and Physiology II
HIM 2000 Medical Terminology
One of the following: BUSA 2101 Introduction to
                                    Business Computer Systems
                                    CSCI 1101 Intro. to          
                                    Computers and Computer  

One additional semester hour approved by advisor.
Major Requirements

MATH 2101  Statistics (if not taken in Area D)
BUSA 3000 Principles of Management
BUSA 3200  Financial Management
HIM  3000  Introduction to Health Care Systems and the Health Information and Informatics Professional
HIM 3110   Human Resources Administration in Health Sciences
HIM 3410  Health Data Classification I
HIM 4070  Health Care Networks, Data Bases and the Electronic Health Record
HIM 3230  Health Data Content and Structure
HIM 3420  Health Data Classification and  Coding Systems II (CPT)
HIM 3430  Health Data Classification and Coding Systems III (ICD-10)
HIM 4140  Reimbursement Methodologies
HIM 3030  Pathophysiology and Essentials of Pharmacology
HIM 4130  Quality Assessment and Healthcare Statistics
HIM 4240  Health Care Systems: Analysis and Design
HIM 4110  Knowledge Management and Research Support
HIM 4020  Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
HIM 4190  Internship & Seminar

(51-54 semester hours)
Electives 6-9 semester hours as outlined by advisor
Total 120 - 124 semester hours including completion of Core Aras A - F and G

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To be considered for acceptance into the Health Information Management program, students:

  • are accepted as a student at Gordon State College.
  • have completed a minimum of 30 semester credit hours.
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 to be eligible
  • have received credit for BIOL 2210K, 2211K within the last 5 years
  • submit one letter of recommendation (professional reference or faculty reference)
  • interview with HIM program director as deemed necessary

Admission to the health information management program is both competitive and selective. Program admission is per cohort and the program will begin in the Spring Semester each year.

Once admitted to the HIM program, the student must achieve a grade of C or higher in each required course in order to advance through the program.

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