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Bachelor of Arts in English

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Major in English

Students who complete the Gordon State College major in English not only gain a rich knowledge of and appreciation for literature past and present, but they also develop critical thinking and communication skills that will serve them well in a variety of vocations. Every English major at Gordon State College will receive the training necessary to become perceptive readers, skilled writers, and independent thinkers. Students who major in English can choose from four tracks. Track 1 leads to a liberal arts degree in English and prepares graduates for a wide array of professional settings requiring highly developed writing and communications skills (such as business, editing, public relations, or electronic media) as well as providing a strong foundation to those students who wish to pursue graduate or professional studies in a variety of disciplines (such as communications and media, technical writing, English, law, or American Studies). Track 2 in the major prepares students in the core content and pedagogical theory necessary to meet Georgia Performance Standards in English/Language Arts and to address test frameworks for the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators. Track 3 in the major provides students with the oral and written communications skills necessary for contributing to the professional workplace. Track 4 in the major introduces students to the four major genres of creative writing to prepare them for work in the narrative arts. A minor in English is available and its description can be found immediately after the description of the major.

Teaching Certification Program

Track 2 of the major will lead to a certificate to teach in the middle and secondary schools of Georgia. Gordon State College is fully accredited by NCATE and the Professional Standards Commission of Georgia. Students who desire to complete Track 2 and earn teaching credentials in Georgia must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program midway through their sophomore year. On page 164 of this catalog are found the requirements for admission to this program and the steps involved in applying for admission. In addition to reading carefully the materials on pages 163-167, the prospective teacher education candidate should contact the School of Education midway through his or her sophomore year. Whenever a semester schedule permits an elective, students seeking secondary certification should take one of EDUC 2110, 2120, and 2130.

The course requirements of the four tracks of the English major follow:

Curriculum for B.A. in English
Area A - E & G Courses 42 - 46 semester hours
Area F
  1. Two consecutive foreign language courses beyond 1002 (6 - 9 hrs.)
  2. One of the following: ENGL 2111 or ENGL 2112 (3 hrs.)
  3. Two of the following: ENGL 2111, 2112, 2121, 2122, 2131, or 2132 (6 hrs.)
  4. Electives: For students who are not attempting to complete a double major or an additional pathway to baccalaureate degree, elective hours should come from ARTS, COMM, ENGL, HUMN, PHIL or THEA. (0-3 hrs.)
18 semester hours
English Requirements

One of:
ENGL 4601 Foundational Authors: Chaucer (3 hrs.), or
ENGL 4602 Foundation Authors: Shakespeare (3 hrs.), or
ENGL 4603 Foundational Authors: Milton (3 hrs.),
ENGL 3912 Advanced Grammar (3 hrs.), and
ENGL 3400 History of English and the American Languages (3 hrs.)

Group 1 (must choose two):
ENGL 3210 (Old English and Middle English Literature, 3 hrs.),
ENGL 3220 (Renaissance British Literature, 3 hrs.),
ENGL 3230 (Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature, 3 hrs.),
ENGL 3240 (Nineteenth-Century British Literature, 3 hrs.), or
ENGL 3250 (Twentieth-Century and Contemporary British Literature, 3 hrs.)

Group 2 (must choose two):
ENGL 3330 (Early and Colonial American Literature, 3 hrs.),
ENGL 3340 (Romantic and Nineteenth-Century American Literature, 3 hrs.), or
ENGL 3350 (Modern and Postmodern American Literature, 3 hrs.)

Group 3 (must choose one):
ENGL 4200 Postcolonial Literatures (3 hrs.),
ENGL 4300 African-American Literature (3 hrs.), or
ENGL 4400 Minority American Literature (3 hrs.)

24 semester hours

  Track 1: English
Other English Requirements

ENGL 3911 Advanced Composition (3 hrs.)

3 semester hours

Other Requirements

At least 12 additional semester hours from courses numbered 3000 or above (including additional English courses)

12 semester hours

Electives 21 semester hours
Totals 120 - 124 hours
  Track 2: English with Teaching Certification
Other English Requirements

EDUC 4800 Curriculum and Instruction in Education (3 hrs.)

3 semester hours

Other Requirements

EDUC 2110 (3 hrs.)
EDUC 2120 (3 hrs.)
EDUC 2130 (3 hrs.)
EDUC 3005 Middle and Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3 hrs.)
LART 3006 Reading in the Content Areas (3 hrs.)
SPED 3105 The Exceptional Learner in the Secondary Classroom (3 hrs.)
EDUC 3505 & EDUC 3504 Secondary Practicum I (3 hrs.)
EDUC 4505 & EDUC 4504 Secondary Student Teaching (12 hrs.)

33 semester hours

Electives 0 semester hours
Totals 120 - 124 hours
  Track 3: Professional Communication
Required English Courses

ENGL 3920 Technical Writing
ENGL 3930 Writing for New Media

6 credit hours

Required Communication Courses

Choose Two:
COMM 3100 Argument & Persuasion
COMM 3930 Public Relations
COMM 3940 Small Group Communication
COMM 3950 Organizational Communication

6 credit hours

Additional Requirements:

Any course numbered 3000 level and above
COMM 1110 if not taken in Areas C or F.

3 - 6 credit hours


BUSA 2105 Recommended if not taken in Area F

18 to 21 credit hours

Totals: 120 - 124 hours
  Track 4: Creative Writing
Required Creative Writing Courses

Choose Four:
ENGL 3600 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 3610 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 3620 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
ENGL 3630 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 3640 Creative Writing: Script Writing

12 Credit Hours

Additional Requirements

Any course numbered 3000 level and above

3 Credit Hours

Electives: 21 Semester Hours
Totals: 120-124 Hours

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Minor in English

A minor in English can be completed as follows:

Choose One Course:
ENGL 3911 Advanced Composition, or
ENGL 3912 Advanced Grammar
Choose Two Courses:
Any upper division 3000/4000-level English Courses
Choose Three Courses:
Students may take any three additional 200-level or upper division 3000/4000-level English courses. No 2000-level course can be counted here and in Area C or F of the core curriculum.
Total Credit Hours: 18

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