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Refund Policy

Refunds are processed within 14 days of financial aid being disbursed to your student account. This usually takes place after attendance verification has been submitted by the instructors and petition deadlines have passed - no refunds will be disbursed in advance.

Refunds will be deposited to your personal bank account that you are required to set up through your Student Account Center. If no account has been set up, you will be mailed a paper check to your current home address which could take an addition 1-2 weeks from the date your refund is processed.

To set up a refund account:

  • Login to your Student Account Center
  • Click on the Refunds tab
  • Click on Choose Your Refund Delivery Method
  • Select your preferred method and continue through steps until set up is complete

Refund checks are not processed internally and cannot be picked up in the Bursar’s Office. All paper checks are mailed from Chicago, IL and are estimated to be delivered to the student’s home address within 7-10 days of being processed.