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Employee Travel and Expenses

Employees traveling for Gordon State College are allowed reimbursable expenses. For guidelines for travel, click this link for reimbursable amounts and statewide regulations.

Travel Guide
Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Reimbursable Travel

Employees who plan to travel on Gordon State College business are required to complete a travel authorization before travel unless you have a paper "Standing Authorization".

You should only use the online Travel Authorization if you are going to be requesting a reimbursement after your travel.

Very Important: Please do not submit your online Expense reports without your online Travel Authorization.

If anyone has an "older" travel authorization that you have not used and the travel date has passed, or are not going to be reimbursed, PLEASE CANCEL IT!

Very Important: When overnight travel occurs, you must provide the tax exemption forms to the hotel for your stay. Please print the two tax exempt forms below.

For Florida hotels:

To submit a Travel Authorization or Travel Expense Statement, click the following link:
Travel and Expenses

Non-Reimbursable Travel

If you are going to be traveling for Gordon State College and are not going to be reimbursed for that travel, please do a regular paper form with no dollar amount on it. Have it approved by your immediate supervisor and sent to the VP of Finance & Administration Office.

To access the paper form, open Word from our office computer and click File --> New --> Shared --> Gordon State College folder --> Travel Authorization.