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Bursar’s Office Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of questions frequently asked by our students about the procedures of the Gordon State College Business Office. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Business Office at 678. 359. 5010 or come by the office in Lambdin Hall room 230.

If I have enough financial aid to cover all my fees, is my schedule automatically held?

Yes. Students with enough financial aid or scholarships to pay for all charges will automatically have their schedules held. Do not assume that you are in this category. In Banner Web view Check Registration Status to see if aid has held your schedule or if you still owe money. Money owed must be paid by the appropriate deadline, or your schedule will be dropped.

Four questions popped up when I logged into Banner. What are they asking?

Financial aid is used to pay for current term charges. These questions are asking you whether or not you want the Business Office to hold your financial aid to pay for other items. You may authorize us to hold money for future charges such as books, prior semester charges, or non-institutional charges such as parking tickets, tests, fines, etc. Be sure to read the questions carefully. Once you authorize us to pay for a charge, we cannot reverse it.

How do I rescind a financial aid authorization if I decide I don't want to continue to have my money held for non-current term charges?

You can rescind financial aid authorizations through Banner Web. Go to the Financial Aid section and select Student Authorizations. Choose "Release Funds" in each drop down box you would like to change. Submit your request and you should receive a confirmation. Remember that we cannot reverse any charges already paid on your behalf. However, any future aid posted to your account will be refunded to you.

How do I receive refunds from Gordon State College?

Gordon State College refunds students through electronic transfer. Students are required to register the bank routing number and account number of their choice within the Touchnet Student Account Center. A five day waiting period is required for verification of the bank account before refunds will be processed to the account. If an electronic profile is not created, the student will receive a paper check within three to seven days after the published refund date. Instructions to set up your refund electronic profile can be found in the Student Account Center Guide "How to setup Direct Deposit for my refund".

Will I receive my financial aid refund on the first day of class?

No. Financial aid will be posted to student accounts after the drop/add period and when attendance has been verified. Federal aid will be refunded to students through electronic transfer within fourteen days after the disbursement of Financial Aid. Please check the My Gordon website in the Announcement section or the Business Office webpage under Tuition, Fees and Payment Information for the refunding date. However, you may charge books against your federal aid in the Bookstore. You must present your student ID to the Bookstore cashier to use this feature. (See Four questions popped up when I logged into Banner. What are they asking?)

What do I need to do to cancel my Gordon Commons or Gordon Village lease?

Students are bound to their leases through the end of the year whether they move out or not. You must either continue payments or find a releaser to take over your lease. You can come to the Business Office to sign a release form to start that process.

How can I get my 1098T form electronically?

Gordon State College Students may elect to view and print their IRS 1098T though Student Account Center rather than wait for it to come by mail. When you select "Accept Consent", the IRS 1098T will be displayed at the end of January each year so you don't have to wait for it to arrive to complete your tax return. The information on the 1098T is only informational. You MUST rely on your receipts to determine the amount paid out-of-pocket for the tax credit. Detailed instructions on electing the electronic 1098T are found in 1098T Process for Students via Touchnet Student Account Center guide.

Does Gordon State College offer a payment plan?

Yes. Gordon State College has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions to provide students with a payment plan to help pay for the tuition and fees for the term. The Nelnet Payment Plan will finance up to $5500 of the "Term Amount to Budget by Payment Plan" [total charges (tuition, fees, housing, and meal) less Financial Aid (grants, loans, and scholarships) and any cash payments]. The amount of the "Term Amount to Budget by Payment Plan" greater than $5500 will be required at the time of the down payment upon enrollment into the plan. The down payment, enrollment fee and monthly installments will be determined at the time of enrollment based on the date enrollment occurs. The Nelnet Payment Plan option is available until the official last day of the Drop/Add period for the term. If the student elects to use the Nelnet Payment Plan option and the student's plan is terminated by Nelnet after the enrollment period due to insufficient funds or inaccessible bank account or credit card account, the student will no longer be able to enroll in a payment plan for future terms. Learn more about Gordon State College's tuition payment plans at www.MyCollegePaymentPlan.com/gordon. For questions regarding the payment plan, read Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions (pdf).