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Financial Aid and Tuition Refund Disbursement (eRefunds)

Gordon Students,

Beginning in the Summer of 2013, Gordon State College changed the way students receive financial aid and tuition refunds. Gordon State College’s contract with HigherOne, a financial services company, expired. Financial aid and tuition refunds will now be disbursed to Gordon students via electronic transfer through eRefunds of the Touchnet Student Account Center.  This new procedure allows the student to establish the bank account of their choice to which the refund will be deposited.  With the setup within the Touchnet Student Account Center, the student will be able to utilize a “one-stop shop” for viewing all payment and refund activity.  Even if you do not receive Financial Aid, you may be eligible to receive a refund from Gordon. For example, if you drop a class during the drop/add period, or if you withdraw from Gordon, you are eligible for a refund.

Here's what all Gordon students must do...

  1. Make sure Gordon has your correct mailing address. If you are not certain that we have your most current mailing address, take a moment and check your information through Banner Web's Personal Information link.
    1. Go to Banner Web and click 'Enter Secure Area'
    2. Login w/ your Banner Account
    3. Click on Personal Information from the main menu
    4. Click on View Addresses and Phones

If the information you see is incorrect, please update it in the Registrar's Office located in Room 126 of the Lambdin Hall.

NOTE: If we do not have your current address and you do not set up an eRefund account, you will not receive the check that must be written for your refund. The check will be mailed to the student's legal address on file with the college. Therefore, if your address is incorrect you will not receive your refund when you expect it. We encourage ALL students to verify that we have accurate mailing addresses.

  1. Register for Electronic Refunds.  Each student in order to receive your refund via electronic transfer must register for electronic refunds.  For step by step instructions on registering, click Setting up Direct Deposit of Refunds via Touchnet Student Account Center (pdf).
  2. For more information about Refunds and Direct Deposit, read over the Frequently Asked Questions...
    Refund Frequently Asked Questions >
  3. For questions concerning refunds, contact the Gordon State College Business Office at 678. 359. 5010 or email businessoffice@gordonstate.edu.