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History Faculty

Dr. Tom Aiello

Photo of Dr. Tom AielloDepartment Head, Department of History and Political Science
Professor of History--Russell 102C
(B.A. Colorado State; M.A & Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington)
Dr. Aiello joined the Gordon State College history faculty in 2006. 
He specializes in Modern European History and Atlantic World History.  His teaching fields include the Ancient World and Latin American Civilization.

Dr. Gary Cox

Photo of Dr. Gary CoxProfessor of History--Russell 104C
(A.B.J. University of Georgia; M.A.& Ph.D. University of Virginia)
Professor Cox joined the Gordon State College history faculty in 1993.
He specializes in Modern European and Military History. His teaching fields include the Renaissance and Reformation, the History of Christianity, Modern Germany, and Modern France.

Dr. Ashleigh Dean

AssistPhoto of Dr. Ashleigh Deanant Professor of History--Russell 104E
(B.A. & M.A. University of North Florida; Ph.D. Emory University)
Dr. Dean Joined the Gordon State College history faculty 2017.
Her specialty is the history of globalization and food history, and her teaching areas include Latin American history, Asian history, and world history.

Dr. Jeremy Richards

Dr. Jeremy RichardsAssociate Professor of History--Russell 204
(B.A. North Georgia College and State University; M.A. University of West Georgia; Ph.D. University of South Carolina)
Dr. Richards joined the Gordon State College history faculty in 2005.
He specializes in Modern U.S. history.  His teaching fields include the Cold War, Georgia History, and U.S. History since 1920.

Dr. Jeffery Rogers

Dr. Jeff RogersProfessor of History--Russell 104B
(B.A. University of Georgia; M.A. & Ph.D., University of South Carolina)
Professor Rogers joined the Gordon State College history faculty in 2004. 
He specializes in Early American History and the American South.  His teaching fields include the Constitution, the Early American Republic, and the US Civil War. Dr. Rogers' most recent work, A Southern Writer and the Civil War: The Confederate Imagination of William Gilmore Simms was published by Lexington books in 2015.

Dr. Scott Shubitz

Assistant Professor of History-Russell 103D
(B.A. University of Central Florida; M.A. & Ph.D. Forida State University)
Dr. Shubitz joined Gordon State College in 2017.  HIs specialty is United States History since 1865 as well as US History to 1865 and European Intellectual History Since 1500. 

Dr. Frank Winters

photo of Dr. Frank WintersAssociate Professor of History--Russell 104A
(B.A. University at Buffalo; M.A. & Ph.D., Texas A&M University)
Dr. Winters joined the Gordon State College history faculty in 2009.
Dr. Winters' specialty is British history.

Dr. J. Franklin Williamson

 Photo of Dr. Franklin WilliamsonLecturer of History--Russell 103C
(B.A. University of Georgia; M.A. & Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Dr. Williamson has taught at Gordon State College since 2013.  His research examines 20th-century German history, specifically efforts to publicly mourn the war dead after 1945 in the Federal Republic and in the German Democratic Republic.  Dr. Williamson’s teaching interests include Modern European History, Modern German History, the Cultural History of War, and the History of Memory.


Dr. Kris Beck

Photo of Dr. Kris BeckAssociate Professor of Political Science--Russell 103A
(B.A. University of Chicago; M.A. & Ph.D. University of Iowa)
Dr. Beck began teaching at Gordon State in 2008.
His specialties include American Government and Global Issues.


Dr. Brian Webb

Assistant Professor of Political Science--Russell 103B
(B.A., M.A. & Ph.D. Georgia State University)
Dr. Webb began teaching at Gordon State in 2013.
HIs specialties include American Government, Comparative Politics, and Local Government.


Photo of Mrs. RowePam Rowe
Academic Services Assistant
Russell Hall 102
678. 359. 5125

Email: pamelar@gordonstate.edu

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