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History Pathway

"I have thought that if people would only learn history, they would learn to learn everything else....
History is simply humanity.  And history will humanise all studies."
♦ G.K. Chesterton

A History Pathway provides a foundation for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history and leads toward a general understanding of the complex factors that influence human behavior. Graduates have ultimately pursued careers in a wide variety of areas including teaching, law, business, public service, government, historical interpretation, and museum work. 

Area F Requirements

Required Courses:  6 hours

HIST 1121  (3-0-3)
HIST 1122  (3-0-3)
HIST 2111  (3-0-3)
HIST 2112  (3-0-3)

Required Courses:   0 - 6 hours

Foreign Language Sequence (I and II in same language)

HIST 2000 (required for all BA students in History and secondary education programs)

Choose from the following courses:   6 - 12 hours

ANTH 1102  (3-0-3)
BUSA 2101  (3-0-3)
ECON 2105  (3-0-3)
ECON 2106  (3-0-3)
HIST 2183  (3-0-3)
MATH 2101  (3-0-3)
POLS 1101  (3-0-3)
POLS 2201  (3-0-3)
POLS 2301  (3-0-3)
POLS 2401  (3-0-3)
PSYC 1101  (3-0-3)
PSYC 2101  (3-0-3)
PSYC 2103  (3-0-3)
SOCI 1101  (3-0-3)
SOCI 1160  (3-0-3)
SOCI 2293  (3-0-3)

Hours Applied to Area F............................................. 18 HOURS*

History majors must take the two history courses not taken in Area E and use them in Area F.

History majors must take a Foreign Language Sequence in Area F if they have not already done so in Areas C and/or B. Students with credit for SPAN 1001 and/or SPAN 1002 cannot receive credit for SPAN 1060.  Students with credit for SPAN 1060 cannot receive credit for SPAN 1001 and/or SPAN 1002.

* Students may use one (1) excess Area F credit hour to satisfy Area B requirements.

Courses may not be used to satisfy requirements in more than one Area.

Advising Notes

  • History majors must take a sequence of two foreign language classes.  Up to two foreign language classes not used to satisfy Area C or Area B can be used to satisfy Area F. Students with credit for SPAN 1001 and/or SPAN 1002 cannot receive credit for SPAN 1060.  Students with credit for SPAN 1060 cannot receive credit for SPAN 1001 and/or SPAN 1002.
  • History majors take all four of HIST 1121, 1122, 2111, and 2112, two of which satisfy the history requirement in Area E and two of which satisfy six hours of Area F.
  • Students who started at Gordon State College before Fall, 2007, should consult their advisor regarding Area C requirements.
  • Please print out and keep this HISTORY ADVISEMENT WORKSHEET and review all requirements before your initial meeting with your advisor. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.

Course Rotation Schedule

Following are our planned offerings of History Area F classes for days (D) and evenings (E) where 20xx are odd numbered years (2013, 2015, etc.) and 20xy are even numbered years (2014, 2016, etc.)

This two year schedule shows a list of planned courses and as such is subject to change. At its sole discretion, the college may revise this schedule and any information contained herein, without advance notice. No contract, either expressed or implied, is created by this schedule.

  Fall 20xx Spring 20xy Summer all years Fall 20xy Spring 20xx
HIST 1121 D,E D,E x D,E D,E
HIST 1122 D,E D,E x D,E D,E
HIST 2111 D,E D,E x D,E D,E
HIST 2112 D,E D,E x D,E D,E

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