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The Associate of Science in Chemistry degree will prepare a student for an entry-level job as a chemical technician in an industrial laboratory. This degree also will allow a student to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a baccalaureate degree in this subject area.


Area F Requirements

Required Courses:  8 hours

CHEM 2401K  (3-3-4)
CHEM 2402K  (3-3-4)

Choose two of the following courses:  8 hours

BIOL 1107*  (3-2-4)
BIOL 1108*  (3-2-4)
MATH 1502  (4-0-4)
PHYS 1111K†  (3-3-4)
PHYS 1112K†  (3-3-4)
PHYS 2211K  (3-3-4)
PHYS 2212K  (3-3-4)

Area A and D excess:  2 hours

Hours Applied to Area F ............................................. 18 HOURS

NOTES: Frequently check the requirements of the 4-year schools of your choice via the Internet access: www.usg.edu  All System institutions’ web sites can be accessed through this portal.

Georgia Tech requires MATH 2201 – Linear Algebra in addition to MATH 1501 and MATH 1502.  All schools require MATH 1502.

Many 4-year institutions require one course in either World, British, or American Literature in Area C.

Many 4-year institutions require POLS 1101 in Area E.

*Some 4-year institutions recommend one year of Biology; where Physics is taken in the Junior year

Only a few 4-year institutions accept non-calculus based Physics, PHYS 1111K and PHYS 1112K.  Most institutions require PHYS 2211K and PHYS 2212K.

Courses may not be used to satisfy requirements in more than one Area.


Chemistry Roadmaps





Course Rotation Schedule

Following are our planned offerings of required Chemistry Area F classes.

This two year schedule shows a list of planned courses and as such is subject to change. At its sole discretion, the college may revise this schedule and any information contained herein, without advance notice. No contract, either expressly or implied, is created by this schedule.

  Fall Spring Summer
BIOL 1107K offered offered x
BIOL 1108K offered offered x
CHEM 2401K offered x x
CHEM 2402K x offered x
MATH 1502 offered offered x
PHYS 1111K offered offered x
PHYS 1112K x offered x
PHYS 2211K offered x x
PHYS 2212K x offered x